sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

Comunicado a nuestros afiliados

muy buenas tardes pedimos disculpas a todos nuestros afiliados por las problemas que puedan derivar de esta nueva normativa en nuestro País por lo cual hacemos un comunicado oficial  a fines de notificar a nuestros afiliados.

Dear Customer
I presented--

We met because of new internal reporting policies established by the operators
macionales, internet services are affected since they prohiven or restrict
the use of cell numbers for that purpose.
In this regard and as a result to this new media finally adopted by operators
in Venezuela, our corporate accounts were divested in full lines,
ation which results in the impossibility of communication offered through internet portal
CS 1459 Internet whout limits.

Over the next hour, we will work with backup to provide traffic and comply
mainly with the campaigns already scheduled for Father's Day. This backup lines
They are even blocked by the operator in a span of 24 hours, so that we can estimanos
ensure the signal only for the weekend with long connections

Not only the CS 1459 internet website whthout limits, will be affected, these actions will affect
progressively to all Internet providers using cellular numbers as
Connection route.

Action to be taken by our company.

Premium AC activation routes: In the next few hours, we will have available a new
route direct to the operators for the service connection, this means that no longer
ordinary cell numbers for Internet connections were used.
Its connections will be made with new official route would be:
       For Movistar: 2691 (Temporarily supports so response)
       For Digitel: TXT (Temporarily not support Response)
       To Movilnet; Variable, since this operator does not accept other route.

Earlier this week, all our customers will be contacted by our staff to
notify the new rates of the Premium route, making the migration and conversion of credits
Current accounts of each client

sorry this deciciones that affect us all and we thank them for the support and
provided receptivity to our company. We hope to continue their support in this difficult
situation that affects all provvedores signal from our website and Venezuela
therefore all our customers. 

Macrosistema.Network tools

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